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The DST of BGCA – Event Summary of August 2017

The DST of BGCA staged two plays of a drama entitled “Where do we belong” at the Black Box Theatre at Tai Po Civic Centre on 20th August 2017. The drama is a creation of the “Troupe Experiential Programme”, and it focused on racial harmony and social inclusion. The experiential programme aims to provide opportunities for a group of young people who are interested in stage performance and backstage production to learn more about drama production and its related industries, as well as to have a taste of the bitterness and sweetness of drama production through different areas of training and internships. By involving in the programme, young people learned that the work of the troupe was not just to provide entertainment to the audience, but also to achieve a mission: “delivering social messages through stage performances.” The director and the actors hope that the audience will be able to realise the racial discrimination in their daily lives and have a reflection on their own perception and inclusiveness of other ethnic groups.

The performance is a joint effort of local young people and those who are of other racial background. Because of their unique characteristics, they have spent much time running-in with each other during the rehearsals, especially learning to understand, accept and appreciate each other. Because of the cultural and value differences, the youth were trying to make changes for interaction and became more receptive to diversity accordingly.

Over 200 audiences enjoyed the show. Through the after-show sharing, young people expressed their passion and enthusiasm towards the performance industry. They also shared their learnings, dreams, the support they have got from their family, the friendship they developed with other young people of different racial background and their gratitude for the programme. Young people also expressed their thankfulness for the community partners, teachers, social workers, family and friends who have been engaged in building an enabling community. The audiences all supported and witnessed the moment the young people actualised their life-career dreams.

Ms Kwan Yuen Tung (CLAP Blogger): “I appreciate so much the stage design because the designer was able to create a number of pithy scenes only with a few black boxes, which can inspire audiences’ imagination, as well as to express the story with the crisscross of time and space. In addition, the repertoire is a very real story which expressed that under the subtle influence of society, many people are difficult to keep objective and neutral, and develop a discriminatory state of mind.”

Mr Raymond (Qualied College): “Seeing young people with different colours and races perform together on the art stage, their cooperation and their attitudes for mutual acceptance and tolerance are what make me unforgettable! I believe that every young people, no matter what background they are from and what language they speak, as long as they have a dream in their hearts, they will have the motivation and know the direction for life-career development. I look forward to seeing you all performing on different platforms, seeing you shining in your unique life theatre in the future.”

Mr Hong: “I believe that enabling young people of ethnic minority background to share their life stories will help articulate their potentials. I also want to let the performers know that dream-pursuing is not easy, if they want to succeed, they must take the first step, work hard and be perseverant, so that they would be able to master their own lives.”

The presence and support of the audiences, including various stakeholders, family and friends, gave the performers lots of encouragement. The audiences also witnessed the critical moment the performers actualised their life-career dreams.
Three of the South Asian actors in the play (from left to right): Amir, Royal and Tasminpreet.
The actors in the play got along well with each other and made most efforts in the rehearsals.
The costumes and make-up were produced by the performers.
Through the sharing of the actors about their life adventure and the ways they used to overcome the frustrations encountered in their life-career journey deeply touched the audiences.
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