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The DST of ELCHK – Event Summary of July 2017 and Special Event Promotion

Let’s produce some good memories for the earth in the middle of summer! Life-career development involves everyone’s effort. The DST of ELCHK has been engaging different stakeholders, including youth, parents, schools and government bodies, all for achieving a common goal of supporting young people to face their challenges encountered during their transition of life, as well as to develop their own life story.

Japanese Culture Festival and Japanese Culture Guide:
Shaved ice, traditional tea ceremony, origami, anime, cosplay, flower bouquet, karate, Japanese language, all kinds of Japanese cultural activities were gathered at the event, allowing participants to have a taste of Japanese culture while having fun in the event.
Parent Group for Developing Companionship:
Parents play an important role in the life-career journey of young people. In order to enable parents to understand the needs of young people, and develop a mutual support relationship between the two generations, parents were arranged to experience the perplexity young people might encounter during their life-career journey. In addition, by having dialogues with youth, parents can also enhance their communication skills with the young generation.
Collaboration with Teen’s Programme:
The collaboration aims to provide an opportunity to young people who have difficulties adapting to the environment in conventional schools for self-understanding and career exploration. Upon completion of the short-term course, it is hoped that young people would be able to plan for their future.
Collaboration with Lai King Correctional Institution:
Young people should have the right to receive life-career development service in any case. The DST is currently working with the Correctional Services Department for providing life-career development service to young people at the Lai King Correctional Institution, so as to facilitate their preparation before rejoining the community.
“Once upon a time” – Collecting Life Stories through Oral History
"Once upon a time", is the standard opening remarks of oral history. This time, you and I can both be the storyteller! The DST is going to hold a life story collection programme, encouraging local people of different backgrounds, ages, classes and even living areas to share their life stories with the medium of oral history! Let's talk together and listen to people’s life stories!
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