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School-based Team (SBT)


  • To build an effective, holistic and sustainable career and life planning intervention model for different kinds of young people in Hong Kong and to upgrade the professionalism of career and life planning in education and social service sectors;
  • To help youth identify their career interests, and provide comprehensive information to help them make informed choices for their critical transitions;
  • To promote multiple pathways, unleash youth’s potential, and develop youth’s potential, positive attitudes and values towards life and career; and
  • To enhance the knowledge and participation of parents and public on career and life planning, and to establish a cross-sectoral collaboration platform and support network for youth.


Scope of Work

  • Professional Development
    • School visits for contextual analysis and needs identification
    • Staff development workshops for building professional competence
    • Consultation and coaching
  • Programmes
    • Partner with teachers to identify student needs and formulate implementation plans on career and life planning education
    • Provide career and life planning learning and assessment tools and curriculum resources
    • Provide students and parents talks
    • Conduct small group coaching
    • Develop networks with external resources
    • Partner with Programme’s District Service Teams to provide long-term support to at-risk students
  • Infrastructure Support
    • Set a career and life planning resource corner
    • Facilitate the development of business or alumni networks
    • Establish networks with external resources
  • IT and E-Platform Development
    • A dedicated application development team to develop electronic educational resources for CLP
    • Establish an all-in-one e-portal including career exploration tools and profile building tools, expandable career and life planning information platforms
    • Develop CLAP for Youth @JC e-platform to facilitate career and life planning of the youth and also provide information updates to the stakeholders in the project.


Team Structure

School Support Team

Head of School Support

Dr. LUK Sau Ha, Sarah

School Development Officer /Assistant School Development Officer

Ms. KUNG Hoi Ying, Iris

Ms. LAU Lee Kwan, Ava

Ms. LEUNG Eva Yin Shan

Dr. LO Chuk Ching, Cecilia

Mr. MAK Yu Hong, Tony

Ms. TAM Lai Hung, Clara

Ms. WOO Kit Ching

Mr. YUEN Chi Keung, Simon

Part-time School Development Officer

Mr. PANG Lok Him, Keith

Research and Evaluation Team

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. LIU Chen Wei

Dr. MO Jian Hong

Senior Research Assistant / Research Assistant

Ms. CHENG Yui Lei, Grace

Mr. HO Siu Hin, Michael

Ms. JIAO Chengfei, Echo

IT and E-Platform Development Team

Assistant Computer Officers

Mr. AU YEUNG Wai Lap, Alex

Mr. CHAN Wai Ho, Henry

Ms. CHAN Yik Sun, Vera

Ms. SO Pui Lam

Ms. WONG Ka Man


Mr. KWAN Ho Wo, Anthony

General Administration Team

Project Assistant

Ms. CHAN Hiu Hung, Jessie

Ms. TSE Ching Man, Canus


Community-based Team (CBT)


  • To develop an effective and community-based intervention model which is conducive to unleashing youth’s talents and developing their positive values and competence towards achieving personal career and life goals;
  • To engage multiple stakeholders across sectors to provide a supportive infrastructure for facilitating the youth participants’ pursuing multiple careers and life planning pathways.


Scope of work

  • To conduct evidence-based research that will contribute to service outcome evaluation and service model building;
  • To develop a good practice manual;
  • To implement an award scheme recognizing the achievements of young people in overcoming adversity and challenges in their career and life planning journey


District Service Teams

Under the Community-based Team, five District Service Teams (DSTs) with distinctive features are established. The five serving districts are Hong Kong & Outlying Islands, Kowloon East, Kowloon West, New Territories East, and New Territories East. We will provide career and life planning services to youth aged 15-21 as they may feel lost in their future and lack of career and life goals. The targets of our Project include Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) youth, students who are from the ten network schools and are with specific service needs, and high risk school dropout students who are referred from the School. The services provided by the five DSTs include, but not limited to:

  • Provide career and life planning services for out-of-school youths in one of the five districts of Hong Kong;
  • Provide tailor-made career and life planning services jointly with the SBT for students with special needs in the ten network schools;
  • Support mainstream schools in serving students with special needs and follow up on the school leavers, whenever necessary;
  • Conduct education programmes for the public, parents and the business sector;
  • Mobilise community resources to create multiple pathways for the youth; and
  • Assist in implementing the award


Structure of Community-Based Team

Principal Investigator (Community)

Prof. WONG Cheong Wing Victor
(Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Co-Principal Investigator (Community)

Prof. TO Siu Ming
(Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Dr. CHO Yin Nei Esther
(Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Dr. PAN Jiayan
(Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Dr. LEUNG Shui King Sharon
(Lecturer, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University)


Professor Johanna WYN
(Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne )

Professor Tristram HOOLEY
(Director of Research, The Careers & Enterprise Company)

Prof. Stuart CHRISTIE
(Head and Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Dr William CHEUNG
(Head and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Service and Administration Team

Ms. KO Pui Yee Kit
(Senior Project Manager)

Ms. LEE Chi Yan Athena
(Assistant Project Manager)

Dr LAM Hing Po Sally
(Assistant Project Manager)

Ms. YIP Ka Lai Kathy
(Assistant Project Manager)

Ms. AU Ka Man Rico
(Assistant Executive Officer)

Ms. CHAN Suet Ming Michelle
(Assistant Executive Officer)

Ms. TSANG Ka Wai Joanne  
(Executive Assistant)

Parent Education Team

Ms LAM Chui Lai Erica
(Assistant Project Manager)

Mr. LEUNG Dick Man Daniel
(Research Associate)

Ms. KONG Lai Ming Dawn
(Part-time Research Associate)

Ms. YAN Ming Wai
(Part-time Research Associate)

Research Team

Dr. KWOK Ngai Kuen Alvin
(Professional Consultant)

Dr. SU Xuebing Sabrina
(Post-doctoral Research Fellow)

Mr. YIP Chi Yan Toby
(Senior Research Associate)

Mr CHAN Wai Man Sky 
(Senior Research Associate)

Mr. SIU Tak Kin
(Research Associate)

Ms. Chan Sze Wai Angela
(Research Assistant)

Five District-based Service Teams run by Non- governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (Hong Kong Island)

The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (Kowloon East)

Hong Kong Christian Service (Kowloon West)

Hong Kong Children and Youth Services (NT East)

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (NT West)


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